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Grinding Solutions

Discovery of Grinding or Size Reduction techniques traces back to primitive age where humans used stones for powdering charcoal and ochre to paint themselves, bruising flowers and leaves for cave paintings, decorating pottery etc. Several size reduction technologies like using Stone grinders for flour milling, pounding of ayurvedic herbs, spices, and medicines, powdering of spices & sugar for varied cuisines have been used by our ancestors for many years. These have been used to modify and improve the particle size of the solids in medicines, food, minerals, chemicals, and other desired applications.

Powder Handling Solutions

Pneumatic Conveying systems came into existence for unloading grains from ships in Europe. This conveying systems with technological advances were soon adopted by other industry processes. Safety of workers, hygiene and management of hazardous powders are some of the continued challenges in any given industry. Pneumatic conveying system is beneficial where space and layout seems to be a constraint & where mechanica or other forms of conveying is not possible.

Clean Air Solutions

Today, countries and public in general have become increasingly aware of the environment we live in and the air we breathe due to the threat the emissions possess. The call for governments and environmental authorities to act on this has echoed around the globe. While we are increasingly focused on riding the tides of economies, we must be mindful of the environmental aspects & consequences at which this growth is achieved.

Value Added Services (VAS)

As a company with over 40 years of experience in systems services and 6000+ running installations across India and abroad, RIECO understands the importance of long-term service.Our Annual Maintenance Contract – AMC Services make sure that RIECO’s experts are present to provide continuous on-site support for your systems. Regular maintenance of your equipment/system gives you maximum yield, ensures that there is minimum downtime, and facilitates optimum power consumption.

Fans & Blowers

We designs, manufactures and supplies industrial fans for various process and non-process applications. Our fans are based on proven German technology. We supply industrial fans in carbon steel as well as stainless steel construction. Rubber lined or FRP fans are supplied to suit the application. We provide complete support from concept to commissioning. After sales service support and annual maintenance contracts are available based on customer needs. We have specially designed fans for pneumatic conveying systems, integral wetted fans for scrubbers and high pressure fans for pulverising systems. Over 1000 installations across industry and geography has helped us gain the reputation of being one of the leading Industrial Fans suppliers in the industry.


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