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  • Pneumatic Conveying systems came into existence for unloading grains from ships in Europe. This conveying systems with technological advances were soon adopted by other industry processes.
  • Safety of workers, hygiene and management of hazardous powders are some of the continued challenges in any given industry. Pneumatic conveying system is beneficial where space and layout seems to be a constraint & where mechanical or other forms of conveying is not possible.
  • Bulk Material Handling systems through pneumatic conveying are used in Industries to transfer dry bulk solids and powders from one location to single and/or multiple locations. It is convenient for huge volumes at a much faster rate and with critical layouts. Not all, but only certain materials can be conveyed through pneumatic systems through closed pipes thus avoiding spillages and wastage of materials. Material handling systems are designed as per specifications and suitability of industries.
  • Conveying Solutions comprises of comprehensive range of Powders and Bulk solids material handling systems for various industrial processes. With every unique customer requirement, we design customized solutions for various industries in India & globally. With over 45 years of experience and expertise, RIECO masters in designing, planning, manufacturing and successfully commissioning optimized, efficient, and cost-effective pneumatic conveying systems. We have successfully commissioned completely automated Turnkey projects in Chemicals, Plastics, Pet Food,
    Cement, Steel, Fertilizers, Food, Metals and various other industries. Our strong & continuous research coupled with experience can assist you in selecting the right solutions for your process requirement.
  • We are well positioned to offer solutions for Food industry complying with global health, hygiene, and safety standards.
  • We are committed to the protection of operators working in environment of high hazardous risk. We also optimize solutions for materials of critical nature like explosives, abrasives, toxics and carcinogenic which are to be handled without any human intervention. We can provide Pneumatic conveying systems with ATEX certifications. Explore further!


Dense Phase Pneumatic Conveying Systems

Dense Phase Pneumatic Conveying System is essentially a conveying process that transfers the material with high pressure

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Lean/Dilute Phase Pneumatic Conveying Systems

Lean / Dilute phase pneumatic conveying systems is essentially a process that transfers material with low pressure and at high velocity.

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Tanker Unloading & Loading Systems

As the necessity of bulk storage of powders is increasing to ensure continuous production, reduce manual touch in handling small & jumbo bags and ensuring less work zone emissions

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Silo/Bulk Storage Systems and Discharge Systems

Silos are typically used for storing bulk powders in food, plastics, paint, cement, steel, and pharma industries.

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Dry Sorbent/Lime Injection System

The injection of hydrated lime, sodium bicarbonate (SBC) into the flue gas for the removal of SO2 and SO3, is a proven solution and a preferred technology world-wide.

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Closed Loop Pneumatic Conveying Systems

Lean phase closed loop conveying system (N2 based) is the most common used method of transporting materials, if the dust cloud of the material is potentially explosive, hazardous, neurotoxins and toxic.

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Ash Handling System

We have effective, efficient, and fully enclosed ash handling system for boiler application Economizer, Air pre-heater, Mechanical dust collector (MDC),

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Weighing and Batching

Weighing and batching systems are integrated into bulk powder handling systems to make sure that the precise quantity of material is used, packed, and shipped.

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Foundry Material Handling Systems

We, RIECO Industries Ltd. also offers solutions & services in the foundry sector. Our profile comprises of design, engineering, manufacturing & supply of foundry systems & equipment’s like

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POWTRAN® – POWDER LOADING SYSTEM – Transfer Powder and Bulk Solids with Ease! Manufacturing of food, pharmaceuticals, fertilisers, or chemical products must adhere to the highest standards of hygiene and operational safety.

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Bucket Elevators

A bucket elevator is a mechanical conventional conveying solution to lift material up to a certain elevation. We provide a wide range of bucket elevators for granular and powder applications.

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Screw Conveyor /Auger feeder

A screw conveyor or auger conveyor is a mechanism that uses a rotating helical screw blade, called a “flight”, within a tube/pipe or U-trough to move powders and granular materials.

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Rotary Airlock Valves

ROTARY AIRLOCK VALVES is a critical component in material handling systems designed for various process industries. Rotary Airlock Valves primarily provides an ideal solution for controlled feeding or discharging purpose.

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Diverter Valves

Diverter valves are used to switch flows or direct bulk solids in powder handling systems for conveying and gravity feed to different destinations as part of powder handling systems.

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Air Slide

Air slide is one of the efficient and economical method of conveying bulk powder material. A little low-pressure air, an aeration bed and small inclined product over long

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Dome Valve

The dome valve is the electropneumatic valve that operates through linear cylinder or rotary actuator with a soft sealing, generally called as inflated seal. Seal inflation is done by compressed air.

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Slide Gate Valves

Slide gate valve is an equipment that fits into a system which are specifically designed for handling dry bulk powders, pellets, and granules etc. Slide gate valves shut-off of material or air stream in linear

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A damper is a valve that stops or regulates (controlling) the flow of air inside a duct. It can be operated manually or automatically. It is made by a single flap or multiple flap (louvers) depending on damper size and construction.

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Double Flap Valve

Double flap valves, also known as double dump valve, are a type of airtight valve. It is commonly used for bulk material handling in the industry to discharge solid,granular, powder or compact bulk materials from silo, bin

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