Weighing and Batching

Weighing and batching systems are integrated into bulk powder handling systems to make sure that the precise quantity of material is used, packed and shipped.

Several types of weigh & batching systems that are used in bulk material handling, work on and are known as either gain-in-weight or loss-in-weight principles.

Weighing & batching systems can be used to fill containers like bags, hoppers, mixers where each is filled with exact amount of powder. They can also be used to ensure that an appropriate amount of materials is added into a batch being mixed. Accuracy and repeatability in bulk material handling, is the crux of this type of system.


Gain-in-Weight Batching

In a gain-in-weight batching system, a volumetric feeder is used to feed the material into a weighing hopper. As the material or powder is added, the weighing hopper takes weight measurements, and the feeders continue to release material until a set weight is reached within the hopper which triggers and gives that signal to the feeder to stop.

Many applications require different materials to be added in the batch. In this case, each material is added to the weigh hopper one at a time. Once the set weight for an ingredient is reached, the feeder is switched off. Prior to that, it goes in dripple mode to ensure correct weighment and the next ingredient feeder is switched on until the next set weight is reached. This continues until all ingredients have been added. This results in the hopper containing several layers, one for each ingredient as they are added individually. The automated controls in this weighing, prepare bulk materials for the next stage of the process by minutely controlling the discharge of substances.

loss in weight

Loss-in-Weight Batching

In a loss-in-weight batching system, multiple ingredients are fed into a collection hopper using precise controlled dosing feeders. Each of the ingredient feeders is equipped with a weighing load cell, to measure the weight of the material within the feeder. As the feeder’s release material into a hopper, the system tracks amount of ingredient released, by checking how much weight was lost in the feeder.

This is important in applications where smaller weights are of prime importance and where exact weight measurements are of utmost necessity. Additionally, batch mixing time is reduced down the line because these materials are introduced into the hopper all together instead of one by one, resulting in getting a blended mixture.

Automated control and display units can be installed in a factory so that operators can monitor efficiency and output.


Recipe Preparation:

Various ingredients are precisely loaded to a batch hopper either using any of the 2 methods as stated above. Precise time management and conveying of ingredients is key factor while designing the system. Typical systems are used in various industries where mixing, batching, and weighing is a very important part in their process.

We have various running installations across industries like coffee making, spices, bakery, minerals, etc having the capability to demonstrate correct and accurate ingredient handling system.


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