Slide Gate Valves

Slide gate valve is an equipment that fits into a system which are specifically designed for handling dry bulk powders, pellets, and granules etc. Slide gate valves shut-off of material or air stream in linear motion in which a flat plate slides into the flow stream. The gate can be closed or can open the slide plate on a moving column of material relentlessly. The slide plate of the gate is not open or exposed to technicians/operators. Thus, when used as designed and instructed, this type of valve is immanently safe to perform. A slide plate has no risk or hazard to the operator working on the system.

A slide gate employs a stainless steel, rectangular slide plate to open or shut-off the flow of dry material. It consists of two hard polymer plates which is compressed together, and between these two compressed plates, the slide plates ‘slides’ to open and close the valve. In the closed position, the two hard polymer plates hold on the blade tightly to prevent the conveying air and materials from escaping through the valve. The self-cleaning ability of the slide gate valves cleans the materials on every to and fro stroke.


1. Manual Operated Slide Gate Valve:These gate valves are operated either by hand-wheel or by chain and hand-wheel.

Slide Gate Valves | Rieco

2. Pneumatic Operated Slide Gate Valve: These gate valves are operated by pneumatic cylinder and limit switch. They are provided with Solenoid valve, Reed switch, flow control valve & Connectors.

    • A minimum flange-to-flange height design to minimize space requirements
    • Can be well introduced to new installations and to retrofit existing systems
    • Proper selection of sliding knife and seal material results in free flow control of bulk solids. Users can choose from Square and circular inlet / outlet flanges. Replaceable polyurethane, gland packing, and silicone seals make the valve to perform continuously without any material leakage
    • Depending on application requirements, we offer Cast steel, cast aluminium and welded steel construction slide gate valve
    • Custom designed slide gate valve models are also available. Food and sanitary applications demand stainless steel slide gate valve models while abrasive bulk solids applications demand Hardox steel models.
    • Position indicators provides indications on the valve positions from a distance to the operators

    Materials in powder, gypsum, perlite, kaolin, limestone, marble powder, soda ash, quartz, urea, sodium sulphate, wheat, flour, animal feed, seed, corn, rice, sugar, salt, PVC, plastic pellets, plastic powders, polyethylene, ceramic powders, alumina, bentonite, bauxite pellet, granular and aggregate form like cement, fly ash, mining minerals, calcium carbonate, coal, cement clinker

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