Rotary Airlock Valves

ROTARY AIRLOCK VALVES is a critical component in material handling systems designed for various process industries. Rotary Airlock Valves primarily provides an ideal solution for controlled feeding or discharging purpose. In Pneumatic conveying systems, rotary airlock valve helps to maintain the pressure or vacuum and gives a perfect sealing in gas or air by preventing air leakages in differing levels of vacuum or pressure systems.

RIECO Rotary airlock valves have an exclusive range for High Pressure Designs. Our Quick Cleaning model (LPR) suits application with frequent material change. We provide Special model for suction carbon black applications. Rotary valves are available in various combinations of Rotor vanes like shallow, helical, 6 vanes, pocket filled etc. to suit different applications.

With years of experience in design and manufacturing, we are regarded as one of the best Rotary Airlock Valves manufacturers in India. We provide wide range of airlock
valves and can custom design to suit customer needs.

Types of Rotary Airlock Valves

Type AL 


Suitable for Differential Pressure

Up to 4000 mm WG. 

150mm to 600mm = Casted 

650mm to 900mm = Fabricated 

Geared Motors – Direct Coupled or Through Chain and Sprocket  Used as feeders, below Bag filters, Cyclones, ESP, Low pressure valves. 
Type PN 


Suitable for Differential Pressure Up to 1 Kg/cm2  200mm to 450mm = Casted   Motor with Gear Box  Normally used for Abrasive material handling, wherein Pressure is applicable. E.g Pneumatic conveying etc.  
Type LPR RF/W type/FPT  




Specially designed for handling of Plastic Chips with Differential Pressure Up to 1 Kg/cm2  From 150 mm to 450 mm   Variable Speed Drives like Eddy Current Drives Frequency Converter Unit   PP, HDPE, LDPE, Plastic chips application.  
LPR/ –  

LPR-Quick Cleaning 



Suitable for Differential Pressure 1 Kg/cm2 and quick cleaning type for easy cleaning. With Seal purging arrangement for protecting the end seals from getting worn out.     From 160mm  to 400mm = Casted  Chain drive-Motor with gear box.  Suitable for Food, Pharma, Chemical industries, Dairy industries.  Good for soft material and where cleaning is a necessity.  
LPR blow through   For Pneumatic conveying application with differential pressure of 1kg/cm2    200 mm to 450 mm    Pneumatic conveying application 
AL-SPL  Carbon black  


Various discharges, pneumatic conveying, very low bulk density handling with special design, Special seals, specific clearance.    

200 mm to 900 mm  

  Specially designed for carbon black industries  
  • Various combinations of Rotor Vanes to suit applications, like shallow, helical ,6 vane, pocket filled etc
  • Precision Engineered to provide minimum clearance between Rotor and Housing and thus minimum leakage
  • Available in circular as well as in square flanges
  • Up to 600mm Ø Valves are available in Cast Construction
  • Available in fixed blade and adjustable/replaceable blade type
  • Less clearance valves to ensure no powder degradation while discharging
  • Available in Closed End and Open-End Rotor Design.
  • Available in Helical Rotor design for PP, HDPE and various plastic chips application
  • Available with OSHA standard guard design
  • High discharge capacities depending upon bulk density
  • Control feed, regulated feed by regulating speed of rotor by using VFD in motor
  • Labyrinth and mechanical seal option available
  • Available in direct coupled and Chain driven arrangements
  • Discharge Point of Silos
  • Discharge Point of Cyclones/Bag Filters
  • Regulated Discharge
  • Feeding in Pressure/Vacuum Type Pneumatic Conveying Systems
  • Mild steel /Cast Iron
  • Alloy Cast Iron (with hardness up to 350 BHN)
  • SS 304 / SS304L (with polish and mirror finish available as optional)
  • SS 316 / SS316L (with polish and mirror finish available as optional)


Agro - chemicals
Pharma - ceutical

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