POWDER LOADING SYSTEM – Transfer Powder and Bulk Solids with Ease!

Manufacturing of food, pharmaceuticals, fertilisers, or chemical products must adhere to the highest standards of hygiene and operational safety.

RIECO’s powder loading system with the POWTRAN series loader is the answer

RIECO’s powder loading system is a phenomenally effective and reliable practice for transferring dry as well as wet powders and granules. The high-quality filter concept allows efficient, trouble-free material filtration at lower pressure drops. Due to the unique filter and high vacuum blowers the system allows dense phase material transfer based on applications.

The compact unit allows material pickup from FIBC station, small bag unloading station, and even from open containers using flexible hose and manual pickup lance or by solid steel pipes, which makes multi floor process a requirement of past. At the heart of our expertise, powder loading system with POWTRAN series loaders incorporates proven concepts with cutting-edge technologies bringing new perspectives to your powder transfer processes.

The POWTRAN series provides a larger loader body, filter and vacuum motor for higher-volume conveying, up to 4TPH.

The POWTRAN series uses high capacity, pleated filters coupled with a compressed air accumulated blowback system, for long, maintenance-free operation and is available in a range of sizes to meet client’s needs.

Tool-less dismantles, plug in connections & drop-in filter makes the POWTRAN series loaders user friendly. A strong, long-life, stand-alone vacuum blower provides the vacuum conveying power for smooth powder transfer over moderate distances.

The POWTRAN series loader can provide a very high filter area but compact for installations in low head room areas

The fine fibre technology ensures longer filter life at a significantly lower pressure drop. Moreover, substrate media features increased rigidity, higher durability, and superior cleanability. MERV 15 filtration efficiency rating per ASHRAE 52.2-2007

Due to its compact design and the standardized connections, the Powtran loaders can be easily integrated into your existing system

  • Quick removable clamps for hoses & easy dismantling of components.
  • Pick-up lance with flexible and transparent hoses of PVC/ PU material for visibility and conveying of material.
  • ATM valve helps in avoiding frequent on/off of vacuum pumps, between the batch. Adjustable air amplifier allows fine-tuning of material flow rate.
  • Loading or Unloading from all process equipment (including reactors, dryers, and centrifuges)
  • Conveying total containment with no product retention
  • Dust free operations with clean work environment and emissions within norms.
  • cGMP conform system
  • Simple installation and operation
  • Safe transport of toxic and explosive
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance


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