Closed Loop Pneumatic Conveying Systems

  • Lean phase closed loop conveying system (N2 based) is the most common used method of transporting materials, if the dust cloud of the material is potentially explosive, hazardous, neurotoxins and toxic. In the process, N2 is recirculated in the system. It uses a relatively limited amount of N2 to convey material at lower pressures. The material is transported through the system while oxygen is maintained throughout at a preset value. This type of closed system (without N2) also can be used for carcinogenic, asthmagen, pneumoconiosis dust and pharma applications which ensures no human interference and closed & safe handling of powders.
  • Our solutions can be customized to suit the need of process and industrial applications. With an experience of over 45+ years, we have gained the reputation of one of the leading Dilute/Lean Phase Pneumatic Conveying system designer and manufacturers. We have various pneumatic conveying systems installations in India and overseas across various applications and industries.
  • Suitable for conveying various hazardous materials which are otherwise difficult.
  • Low operating costs due to re-usage of inert gas
  • Safe transfer of dust explosive materials
  • Conveyance of variety of particle size, shape or bulk densities
  • Simple and economical system
  • Handles zero leakage requirements
  • Handles materials from multiple source points distributing to multiple destinations
  • HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filter ensures further clean, hygienic and bacterial free application (for example Baby Food)
  • Ensures safety of working people as they are less exposed
  • PTA Powder
  • Sugar
  • Bisphenol Epoxy
  • PP /LDPE dust
  • Pulverized coal
  • Sulphur dust
  • Mancozeb
  • Pesticides
  • DCBH
  • PRM & BRM


Agro - chemicals
Pharma - ceutical

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