Bucket Elevators

A bucket elevator is a mechanical conventional conveying solution to lift material up to a certain elevation. We provide a wide range of bucket elevators for granular and powder applications.

A vertical elevator depends entirely on centrifugal force to get material to the discharge chute. These continuous conveyors are used in conveying of all kind of bulk materials. The bucket elevator has a drive shaft and a drive motor at the top. These buckets are continuously filled with material by means of hoppers or chutes. The material is then conveyed upward and tipped into the discharge chute. For dust proof application, we offer bucket elevators along with the suitable dust extraction system.

Discharge side has a Ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) and other specialized lining (like Hardox lining) for abrasive materials. Bucket elevator are equipped with Zero Speed Switch & pawl and ratchet type back stop arrangement for safety of equipment and the operator.

Types of Bucket Elevators:
  • Belt Type
  • Chain Type
    • Single leg type bucket elevator
    • Twin leg type bucket elevator
    • ‘Z’ type bucket elevator
Material of Construction available:
  • Carbon Steel/Stainless Steel.
  • Various lining for buckets and powder sliding portion can be provided (Ex. Hardox, Hard Chrome, Ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) etc.

1. Single leg type bucket elevator: This type of bucket elevator has single casing, separated in top, intermediate and bottom casing. Basically, bucket elevator is top mounting motor driven conveyor.


2. Twin leg type bucket elevator: Twin leg type of bucket elevator has a split type casing into two parts – one is filled bucket travel casing, and another is empty bucket travel casing.


3. ‘Z’ type bucket elevator: Customized Z Type Bucket Elevator that can transport the material horizontally then vertically and again horizontally with a single drive and bucket are pendulum type.


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