Ash Handling System

We have effective, efficient, and fully enclosed ash handling system especially for Boiler application, Economizer, Air pre-heater, Mechanical dust collector (MDC), Bag Filters and Electrostatic Precipitators. Low velocity must be maintained for reducing the wear out on equipment’s, pipes and bends as ash is usually abrasive in nature. The conveying vessels are designed with special R dome valve at the inlet. This conveying system is designed with R-Dome valve with an inflated seal providing tight sealing against the pneumatic conveying pressure. These types of valves are also good for high temperature and abrasive nature of ash.

Our System consists of number of pressure vessels depending up on the ash collection points, first vessel being the primary vessel and next all are secondary vessels. Both primary and secondary vessels are equipped with pneumatic control panels for Automation.

  • High material to air ratio (large quantity of ash can be transferred with long conveying distance)
  • Common piping capability to convey material from multiple collection points
  • Low velocity, low wear and tear, low maintenance
  • Dust free operation, no material spillage, clean environment.
  • Piping can be routed as per the requirement hence no layout constraints


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