Turmeric Processing Plant

With years of experience and installations in India and Overseas, we have earned the reputation for one of the best Turmeric grinding plant manufacturers in the Industry. We understand various benefits of turmeric through Curcumin content, which is real medicinal value and also the moisture & color of turmeric. We have designed our system to keep them intact for minimum losses.

We can supply end-to-end customized Solution for Turmeric grinding plant which includes individual processes like:

  • Cleaning
  • Grinding
  • Sifting
  • Blending (homogeneous mixing of 2 or more types of turmeric grade)
  • Bulk Packing
Cleaning Operation

Pre-Polished Turmeric Finger & Bulbs from farm produce are directly fed into the vibratory feeder, lifted by Z-type bucket elevator, and fed to Grader to remove impurities such as stones, mud balls of specific Size based on screen. Also removes the lighter impurities like jute threads through aspiration channel and collected separately in the pulse jet type bag filter. This ensures dust free hygienic operation. Cleaned whole Turmeric can be collected as a product or proceed for grinding.

Grinding Process

Turmeric grinding with a capacity of more than 300 kg/hr is grounded in 2 stages:

Stage 1, cleaned turmeric are grinded / crush into kibbles in the Universal Impact mill, collected in the hopper at the bottom of mill and fed to the 2 nd stage grinding.

These kibbles of 2 to 3 mm size either taken to the curcumin extraction process or further grinding for fine powder.

Stage 2, Kibbles are grounded to desired fine powder in the Air classifying mill, which is screen less machine and in which fineness is controlled through dynamic classifier. Also, during grinding ACM takes large volume of air which helps to keep the product temperature on the lower side.

Blending Process

Ribbon Blenders with load cells assure accuracy and help to obtain the perfect homogenized turmeric powder blend. Optional arrangement for Oleoresin / oil spraying is provided. After check sifting, and passing through All metal detector, spices are screw conveyed for packing.

Aspiration & Dedusting System

Aspiration & Dedusting system ensures clean, odour free and suitable working environment

Automation & Control

Automation and control have gained impetus in Spice processing, PLC SCADA system to monitor for round the clock monitoring of the plant. The monitoring dashboard can be enabled not only on internal control panels but can be accessed remotely through your mobile. This also supports vendors with modification options

  • Efficient Cleaning with Grader & dust Aspiration system
  • 2 Stage grinding plant
  • 1 st stage mill – Universal Impact mill – Heavy duty machine with wear resistant construction
  • 2 nd stage mill – Air Classifying Mill – ensure Low temperature grinding and required fineness
  • Classifier of 2 nd stage mill ensures uniform particle size and almost nil Oversize particles.
  • Availability of Bag Filters with default Antic-static bags eliminates explosion.
  • Dust free operation – Pulse Jet type Aspiration Bag Filter arrests complete dust and releases dust free clean air into the atmosphere
  • Complete Automation with MCC, PLC, SCADA system as per requirement
  • For turmeric grinding we can provide capacity output ranging from 100 Kg/hr to 3000 Kg/hr.


Turmeric Processing Plant | Rieco
Turmeric Processing Plant | Rieco
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Turmeric Processing Plant | Rieco


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