Sugar Grinding System

Sugar is basically a colorless, white sweet crystal material consisting of sucrose, commercially obtained from sugarcane. It is an important source of dietary carbohydrate and typically used as a sweetener and preservatives for various food. Sugar is grounded to varied fineness right from coarse, semi-fine and super-fine for various applications like chocolates, crushed sugar for jellies, jams, ice creams, instant mixes, drinks, bakery and confectionery products like cookies, biscuits.

We have scalable solutions right from individual equipment to completely automated sugar grinding plants to grind almost all grades of Sugars like M or S to required fineness depending upon the end applications. Our sugar grinding systems are available for varied capacity ranging from 100 kg/hr. to 4000 kg/hr. With years of experience, RIECO has earned the expertise to provide one of the best sugar grinding equipment and best sugar grinding plants in India.

Though sugar is sweet, it is also explosive as it is classified as dust explosive material under Hazard Class ST 1 with Kst value < 200 mbar/sec. and Pmax value of 7.8 bar. To take care of such dust explosive materials, we have the technological capability and expertise to provide High Pressure Mills designed at 9-10 bar. We can provide other accessories like Rupture disc/ Explosion vent, isolation valve, broken bag detector to prevent various degrees of explosion and ensure safety.

Sugar is also heat sensitive and hygroscopic in nature. To counter it we provide dehumidifier which absorbs atmospheric moisture and grinds the sugar with the help of dry chilled air.

  • High pressure grinding mills upto 10 bar.
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Provision to grind the sugar in controlled atmosphere.
  • Dust free grinding and no spillages.
  • Carefully designed system for grinding sugar taking into account it’s heat sensitive and hygroscopic nature
  • Scalable solutions from 50kg/hr to 4000 kg/hr
  • ATEX certified plants and equipment can also be provided
  • Jumpers are provided in between flanges for conducting charges.
  • All motors and instrumentations are Flame proof (FLP)
  • Limit Switch / Proxy sensor provided at mill door.
  • Belt Guards are provided with proper holes at cover to reduce heat generation.
  • The inlet pipe can be fitted with a magnetic trap or screen to prevent the entry of metals into the mill which could cause a frictional spark. We provide Magnetic grill upto 10,000 gauss power for ferrous/ mild steel materials
  • ALL Metal Detectors can be installed after milling.
  • Broken bag detector can be provided after bag filter to detect the emission in case of bag failure.
  • All electrical systems will be interlocked with the activation of explosion relief devices to ensure prompt shut down of fans, blowers, motors or other associated equipment to prevent further spread of explosion or fire
  • Explosion vent/ Rupture disc provided at bag filter
  • Equipment is of dust tight construction as practicable to prevent leakage of dust from the


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