Pulvionex® 200

The all-new Pulvionex®200, is a heavy-duty stable mill that offers lesser vibration, and quick cleaning. Pulvionex®200 features a unique staggered rotor design with optimized number of hammers and uses the principles of aerodynamics along with profiled liners to create the perfect grinding setup.

It is designed for continuous size reduction down to D90 of 20-40 BSS mesh. It has been engineered considering the food industry hygiene standards with a special wear resistance alloy used for the hammer and liner that not only helps reduce wear but also optimizes maintenance cost and downtime. It’s different hammer profiles are especially made for high capacity grinding with better granulation and optimization of yield.

Additionally, the easy-to-use door opening using a hydraulics mechanism for quick maintenance and cleaning of liner and screen change over. It creates the best grinding setup for chilli, spices, herbs, grains, and pulses. It can also be used to process other soft minerals and chemicals. In addition to being hygienic, it is cost-effective, easy to use, and built to last for several years. It is also available in 150 HP.

Working Principle

The material to be ground is conveyed from the feed hopper to the grinding chamber by the gravity feed or belt feed mechanism. The material is ground by the impact generated from the optimized number of swing hammers. Multi deflector liners are installed on the upper portion of the casing to improve the grinding efficiency as well as for wear protection. The size control screen adjusts the product sizes. A screen is fitted at the bottom of the mill, which retains coarse materials while allowing the properly sized materials to pass as finished products. Acceptable product is drawn through the collection duct and is collected by a high efficiency bag filter. The screen replacement and liner maintenance can be easily done by opening top cover of the machine by high power hydraulic mechanism.

Pulvionex | Rieco
  • Featuring highly optimized designs, the Pulvionex® 200 which is specially designed for the food industry is durable and reliable for years of production.
  • Available in MS (Mild Steel) and SS (Stainless Steel)304/ 316 material, and with wear protection, this machine is equipped with a large screen area, a segmented liner, and better cooling design.
  • Economical grinding
  • Less vibration
  • Easy to change screens and liners.
  • All rotating parts are covered by the perforated guard which ensure human safety and reduces noise levels.
  • All rotating parts are dynamically balanced for smooth operation.
  • Optimum machine casing thickness ensures human safety.
  • Automatic door opening arrangement without human interference.
  • The mill and all drive components are mounted on a rigid welded steel frame.
  • Machine base frame is designed with the smooth edges and optimum ground clearance to ensure safety with the best machine performance.
  • Rotor Speed – Maximum 2300 RPM
  • Mill Capacity – @2- 2.5 ton/hr with (20 to 40 MESH BSS)
  • Tip Speed- 100-110m/s
  • Staggered Rotor- @Optimized hammers
  • Motor Power -200 HP
  • Air Flow- 9000 m3/hr
  • Feed- Gravity
  • Hardness- Less than 3 MoHs
  • Hygienically processing chilli, spices, herbs, grains, and pulses.
  • Processing of soft minerals and chemicals, upto 3 MoHs hardness.
  • Also available in 150 HP


Agro - chemicals
Pharma - ceutical

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