Powder Coating Paint Application

The quality of powder coatings is influenced by many factors and the important amongst all is particle size distribution. High product quality requires a narrow particle size distribution with a pointy and well- defined top cut and low number of fine particles. The produced particle size distribution is influenced by material properties of the powder coatings and by the technology used for the powder coatings grinding system. The width of the particle size distribution also depends on the design and therefore the efficiency of the grinding system. Important factors include type of the mill to avoid over milling the type of grinding material, to achieve a high grinding intensity, optimized airflow conditions, and a highly efficient classification.

Powder Coating Process

Air Classifying Mill with automatic feeder system and cyclone collector & dust collection bag filter makes a complete system & grinds powder coatings most efficiently. Since powder coatings offer virtually a vast choice of various colors and textures, many new custom coatings start within the laboratory as small batches, which are sent to the customer for trial and approval. During this developmental stage, the coatings are usually prepared as a resinous sheet of fabric & flaky. The sheet is then broken into smaller pieces and ground in powder form, using mill so as to provide a fine powder with a particle size that is typically 80 microns and below. Air Classifying Mill is suitable for this purpose and has been the instrument of choice by powder coatings manufacturers.


AirThe material to be ground is fed to the mill through the suction feed with the help of rotary air lock valve then material proceeds to the grinding chamber where grinding action takes place (or size reduction) by impact and shearing forces between a rotor disc mounted with hammer sets and a multiple deflector liner. After the grinding, fine particles pass through the air classifier wheel where gradation takes place. Only the finer particles pass through rotating classifier wheel whereas coarse particles get retained to grinding section. Whole system works under the negative pressure system with the help of centrifugal fan located after the bag filter in series which generates required suction. 95 – 98% material is collected through Cyclone whereas remaining fine particles are collected in the Dust Collector with minimum production loss.

  • Proven system to achieve 650kg/hr capacity for matt finish powder with installed power of 79 HP (capacity may vary depending on feed particle chip size)
  • ACM variant with independent drive for Classifier
  • Rotary air lock valve with Quick cleaning and high efficiencyn
  • Provision of Heat exchanger for controlled temperature grinding
  • PLC based control system.
  • Hydraulic door opening arrangement.
  • Easy to operate & low maintenance
  • Dust free operation with no product wastage & pollution hazards
  • Available in Mild Steel (MS) & Stainless steel (SS) contact parts/ complete material of construction


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