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Pigment is a substance that changes the color of the reflected light due to selective absorption of wavelength of light. Pigment itself doesn’t dissolve in coloring matter but makes the object show certain color thereby enabling coloring of the object. The intensity of pigment coloring is strongly governed by fineness and narrow particle size distribution. Particle size distribution and shape of the particles influences the absorption and reflection of light to decide the coloration. It is necessary to understand the characteristics of the pigments to select the appropriate grinding technology. We offer solutions for capacity from 60 kg/hr to 2 Tons per hr with fineness ranging from 150 Micron to average particle size of 5 micron*.

RIECO has an extensive experience to handle various type of Pigments which are used in paints, inks, plastics, fiber, cosmetics, food & other applications. We can provide effective and suitable fine grinding solutions for wide variety of pigments.

We have the capability to provide scalable solutions from individual equipment to completely turnkey solutions right from tray dryer to final packing with dustproof installation.

Based on the chemical composition pigment is divided into Organic or Inorganic pigments

Types of pigments:
  • Azo Pigments
  • Inorganic Pigments
  • Effective Pigments
  • Organic Pigments
  • Food Colours
Key Equipment:
Air Classifying Mill

Air classifier Mill (ACM) is a mill with integrated grinding, classifying, conveying and collecting operations for achieving ultra-fine grinding up to 8-10 micron which is highly suitable for Plastics and fiber grade applications. Air classifying Mill can be designed for grinding various pigment to maintain the Strength and achieve desired Filter Press Value (FPV). Our classifiers are engineered to consistently produce steep particle size distributions that are uniform and homogeneous, irrespective of the particle size, shape or density. The flow of material is also referred as suspension flow as the particles are suspended in the air as they are drafted through the ducts. Pneumatic conveying of product to Dust collector system ensures dust free working environment.

ACM mill is suitable to handle tray dryer material as well as fine pigment from SFD for further grinding to attain sharp particle size distribution.

Micro Pulverizer

We have range of Pulverizers to achieve capacity up to 800 kg/hr which is used in Paint application providing good material strength & Filter press valve (FPV). Micro pulverizer are also suitable for grinding Paint grade pigments ensuring dust free operation.


Ribbon blenders are designed for mixing wide variety of materials with widely varying densities at high blending efficiency in remarkably short time.

Universal Mill

Our Universal Mill are designed for grinding different types of materials inside the same mill housing to desired fineness. This versatility is achieved by means of five different types of ROTOR + STATOR combinations for grinding a great variety of products. These ROTOR + STATOR combinations are mutually interchangeable, so that, if necessary, changeover to another desired type is conveniently possible.

  • Optimum Power Consumption
  • Special wear resistance solution for abrasive pigments
  • Sharp Particle size distribution
  • Quick Cleaning Rotary Airlock Valve
  • Dust free operation
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning
  • Maintains strength and attains Filter press index (FPI) value
  • High pressure designed grinding systems for critical explosive/ heat sensitive pigments
  • In-built Water jacketing for grinding mills
  • Heat sensitive pigments under inert atmosphere grinding

*Capacity and fineness of the final product is subject to chemical and physical properties of various pigments.


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