Phenolic Resins Grinding

Phenol Formaldehyde Resins are prepared in special reaction vessels called kettles by reaction of phenol with formaldehyde in the presence of acidic or base catalyst at 120 °C. The product formed is liquid Phenol-formaldehyde, which is then collected, and air cooled in large trays beneath the kettles, thus the product obtained is rigid and brittle. This rigid product solidifies throughout the trays and needs to be broken manually. Further, we offer solutions for handling and fine grinding of dry phenolic resins.

Dry phenolic resins of 4-10 inches can be pre-cut in Heavy duty crusher to the size of 5mm and less with capacity a range from 500-2000 Kg/hr. Further, these pre-cut resins are formulated with hardener, binder, and fillers in our high efficiency pre-blenders (Ribbon blender) for homogenous mixing. Ribbon blenders are designed to achieve maximum efficiency at minimum power consumption. These homogenous mixtures are transferred further for fine grinding to the Air Classifying Mill (ACM). ACM helps in achieving uniform particle granulation with narrow bandwidth which is most suitable for phenolic resin application. ACM can be provided with Heat exchanger system for cool grinding to take care of the hygroscopic and heat sensitive nature of fine phenolic resin powder. ACM intakes feed size of 3-7 mm & less and delivers output fineness of 99% pass 200 MESH BSS. The fine grounded product is pneumatically conveyed to the product collection system (High efficiency Bag Filter) ensuring dust-free operation complying to stringent pollution norms. The material is discharged and blended into the Ribbon blender for post-blending for making uniform and homogeneous batch. We can offer packing solution for bulk bag packing as a part of our customized turnkey solution.

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