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Mixed Spices are a blend or combination of spices including Coriander, Cumin, Pepper, Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Clove, Ginger and various seasonings. We understand the critical nature of each spices and design systems for making different types of blended spices (Masala) as per the recipe requirement. Aroma, Volatile Oil & Medicinal value are essentials of certain spices and we have advanced technology to keep them intact and ensure minimum losses of the same.

With years of experience and installations in India and Overseas, RIECO has earned the reputation of one of the best Mix Spice grinding plant partner in the Industry.

We can supply end-to-end customized Solution for Mix Spices grinding plant for individual processes like:

Grinding Process:

Mix Spices are grounded in 2 stages, along with Pre crusher.

Pre-Crusher: Large size Spices such as Cinnamon, Bay leaf or similar spices has to be precut to have uniform size and to feed it to the 1 st stage grinding mill

In stage 1; Pre crushed Spices grinded / crush into coarse size in the 1 st stage Hammer mill, same is conveyed with the help of vacuum conveying system and fed to the 2 nd stage grinding.

In 2nd stage, Coarse material is further grounded to desired fine powder in the hammer mill and fine powder further conveyed to Sifting operation

Advanced Grinding Technology:
  • Low Temperature Grinding Technology: – With the help of Heat exchanger, cold air is drawn inside the grinding chamber to avoid temperature rise and minimize moisture & essential volatile oil losses.
  • Cryogenic Grinding Technology: Our Cryogenic grinding technology enables to grind high VO spices in sub-zero temperature wherein the seeds spices are blanketed in liquid Nitrogen and then grounded further to the required fineness. This helps to retain the essential volatile oil, aroma & color.
Sifting Process:

Sifting allows only desired quality product to pass through to the next process whereas oversize material is sent back for re-grinding.

Blending Process:

Ribbon Blenders with load cells assure accuracy and helps to obtain the perfect homogenized Mix spices powder blend. Optional arrangement for oleoresins, water mist, oil spraying can be provided depending on the process requirement.After check sifting, and passing through all metal detector, spices are screw conveyed for packing into various sizes.

Aspiration & Dedusting system:

Aspiration & Dedusting system ensures clean, odour free and suitable working environment

Automation and Control:

Automation and control have gained impetus in Spice processing, PLC SCADA system to monitor ensures round the clock monitoring of the plant. The monitoring dashboard can be enabled not only on internal control panels but can be accessed via your mobile phone (remote diagnostics). This also supports vendors with modification options.


Roaster Cum Blender: To enhance the aroma of the spices few of the spices are Roasted prior to grinding process. The Ribbon type Roaster is used to roast the spices at specific temperature. When the Heating is off, Roaster can be utilized as Blender for Mixing to get homogenized powder blend.

  • Low temperature Grinding Technology (LTG) to ensure Minimum losses of VO & Moisture
  • Integrated PLC & SCADA systems enable to achieve enriched yield
  • Cryogenic Grinding technology to arrest volatile oil and aroma of these spices
  • Stainless Steel / Carbon Steel Casted Body
  • Specially designed mill body shape for gradual grinding ensuring minimum temperature rise
  • Pulse Jet Bag filters with Centrifugal fan ensures dust free operation


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