Micro Pulverizer is a rugged, high efficiency grinding unit which grinds variety of products from granular to fine grinds economically. Built with an eye to precisely achieve controlled particle size, this Mill provides high production at low cost. Micro- pulverizer can easily be designed for variety of materials and output capacity ranging from 50 – 4000 kg/hr. Micro-pulverizer can be used as standalone machine or integrated with Dust collection system to ensure dust free operation and enhanced yield. GMP grade machines can be supplied for Pharma and Fine chemicals.

Working Principle:

All RIECO Micro-Pulveriser consist of a rotor assembly, fitted with hammers generally operating at a high speed; a cover fitted with either a multi deflector or plain liner; a retaining screen at the point of mill discharge and a feed screw mechanism whereby the unground material is uniformly fed to the grinding chamber. The grinding action in Micro Pulveriser takes place due to impact between rapidly moving hammers and the particles on liner.


Micro-pulverizer comes with product collection system for collecting ground material from a Pulverizer. With its high filtering efficiency RIECO Pulsejet Collector offers a dust free operation and enhanced capacity in the system, assuring a stable and continuous run of the pulverizer at its maximum capacity.

A wide variety of feed screws are made in single and multiple type design to convey the material from feed hopper to grinding chamber and at the same time act as a pre-crusher to reduce large soft mass material to suitable size.

This is a set of beaters revolving at high velocity in the chamber and beat the material as it enters from the screw feeder. These hammers are tipped with an abrasion resistant alloy which gives them a long life. Pulverizers are either with LFS or BAR type Hammers depending upon the application.

This is a replaceable liner for the mill housing cover which presents a series of breaker edges to the particles as they whirl around the chamber at great speed. The liner enhances the ultra-fine pulverizing because the particles break down by the force of impact against the breaker edges. These liners are made from hardened steel for resistance to abrasion. Depending upon the application needs, plain or multi deflector liners can be supplied.

The selection of screen type is based upon the material characteristics and the required fineness of the product. The particle size is not accomplished by the screens. They hold the material in the chamber until the particle are pulverized to the required size by the hammers and the liner.

  • Guaranteed performance
  • GMP grade models available
  • Specially designed pulverizers for Carbon Black applications
  • Availability of water-cooled and Air-cooled bearings for high temperature applications
  • Long service life
  • Modern, Economical, Simple
  • Compact & Highly efficient
  • Chemical
  • Pesticides
  • Minerals
  • Spices
  • Food
  • Bakery & Confectionery
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Powder Coatings
  • Pigments & Colours
Product Variants Power
Range HP
Main Motor RPM Achievable Fineness
Bantam mill 1-3 14000
1SH, 1W 3-7.5 9600 50
2 DH, 2W, 2 SCB 10-20 6900 to
3 TH, 3W, 3 SCB 30-50 4600 MESH
4 TH, 4W, 4 SCB 50-75 3450


Agro - chemicals
Pharma - ceutical

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