Hammer Mill

Hammer Mill is designed for grinding by impact action, sieving, and collecting various materials. It comes with the provision for collection of the material either at the bottom by gravity or by Pulsaire Jet Product Collector with dust free operation. It can grind any material upto 45-75 micron depending upon the physical & chemical properties of the product. Hammer Mill is designed for grinding free flowing, non-hygroscopic, non-heat sensitive and explosive materials to produce consistent particle size distribution. Variants available for capacity range 20-5000 kg/hr (depending upon the nature of product)

Working Principle

Hammer mills consist of series of hammers (usually four or more) hinged on a central shaft and enclosed within a rigid metal case. It produces size reduction by impact. The materials to be grounded is struck by the hammers or beaters rotating at high speed inside the grinding chamber.

Gravity collection at the bottom of the mill can be provided. Optional arrangement of collecting product at Pulse Jet Dust collector can also be provided.

Hammer Mills can grind various materials at precision fineness as it comes with screens/ sieves of various sizes and different types of hammers.

Feeding of various materials is possible in this mill as the mouth is wide. Various materials can be coarse cereal grains, corn grits, spices, fibre, sugar etc.

Mill HP Range
1 W 3-7.5
2 W 10-20
3 W 30-50
4 W 60-100
HM-03 7.5-10
HM-24 20-40
HM-32 50-100
HM-36 60-100

The Hammer Mill Plant Includes

  • Hammer Mill with External Control Feed
  • High efficiency bag filter with fully automatic pulse jet cleaning for dust free operation
  • Rotary Airlock used as an air seal and discharge material from bag filter.
  • Fan to provide air flow through the mill and the collector for product conveying
  • Control Panel for sequential starting and stopping of the milling plant
Chemical Food, Spices &
Paints & Pigments Pharma-ceutical Agro-chemicals Minerals
Phenolic resins Turmeric Pigments Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients Wettable pesticides Calcined clay
Toner Powders Gluten Dyes Bulk Drugs Insectides Kaolin
Talc Sugar Colours Nutraceuticals Fungicides
PPT Silica Soya Powder coatings Proteins Herbicides Wollastonite
Metal Stearates Ultrafine flour of
pulses, grain
Food Colour Ceramic Colours
Modified Starch Besan (gram flour)


Agro - chemicals
Pharma - ceutical

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