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Crushing and Micronizing Machines and plants for abrasive and hard materials in collaboration with CIMMA Ing. Morandotti & Company, Italy.

Crushers & Micronizers | Rieco

We present wide range of Crushing and Micronizing machines and plants for powder processing of abrasive and medium hard materials in mining industry, ceramic and brick industry, chemicals, foods, cereals, biomass, solid fuels and plastics industry.

With our years of collaboration with CIMMA Ing. Morandotti & Company, Italy (since 1947) and know-how acquired, we offer a range of mineral crushing & grinding technology with a capability of grinding materials upto 6 MHO hardness.

We offer turnkey solutions, including Raw material handling, crushing, fine grinding, semi-Finished goods handling, weighing, batching, mixing, and conveying to the packaging line.

Our expertise lies in design and construction of machines and plants for processing powders, particularly in grinding, and pulverizing machines, screening machines, air classifiers, dryers, dedusting filters, pneumatic transport, and mixer.

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Impact Crusher

Crushing and Micronizing Machines | Rieco

Roto Uno

Pendular Mill | Rieco

Pendular Mill

Paddle Mixer | Rieco

Paddle Mixer

Universal Impact Mill | Rieco

Universal Impact Mill

Roller Mill | Rieco

Roller Mill

Crushing and Micronizing Machines | Rieco

Roto Duo

Crushers & Micronizers | Rieco

Combi Mill


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