Chopper Mill

Chopper mill are specially designed machines for chopping/ breaking down various material into smaller size of about 10-20 mm and less. Chopper Mill is useful in reducing various agro-foods and spices like chilly and ayurvedic herbs and fibres to small sizes. It helps in cutting into small size with less fines generation.

Chopper Mills are typically used for pre-cutting chilly which is also called as pizza-cut or flakes. Chopper mills generates low heat due to less RPM and thereby helps in retaining essential oils, aroma and taste of various spices and herbs..

  • Due to minimum RPM, heat generation is less.
  • Minimum moisture loss
  • Produces chilly flakes in regular size of 4.75mm with less fine generation.
  • Color value retention post grinding.
  • Conveying system after grinding allows for cooling in conveying path
  • Different sizes of screen are used to produces various sizes of chilly flakes as per requirement
  • Different models are available with capacity ranging from 250kg/hr to 2000 kg/hr
  • RCH 8 – 3 – 4”
  • RCH 12 – 5 – 8”
  • RCH 16 – 7.5 – 10”
  • RCH 24 – 15 – 15”
  • RCH 32 – 25 – 15”


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