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RIECO masters in Chilli processing and understands the critical factors about chilli such as Heat Value, Color value & Moisture content. We have designed our system to keep them intact with minimum losses.

With years of experience and installations in India and Overseas, RIECO has earned the reputation for one of the best Chilli Cleaning & Grinding plant suppliers in the Industry.

We can supply end-to-end customized Solution for Chilli grinding plant which includes individual processes,

  • Cleaning
  • Grinding
  • Sifting
  • Blending (to have Homogeneous mixing of 2 or more types of Chilli grade)
  • Bulk Packing

We offer 4 stages Chilli cleaning process.

1st Stage: ZigZag Classifier – Chilli from farm produce are directly fed into the Feed Hopper on Belt conveyor, lifted and feed to Zig zag classifier. Zig-zag classifier with magnetic plate removes heavy impurities like ferrous particles, stones, mud balls based on specific density
2nd Stage: Tangential Separator – Removes the lighter impurities like jute threads
3rd Stage: Grader – Grader arrests the smaller stones & mud ball through screen & coarser dusts collected through aspiration system in Pulsaire jet dust collector. This ensures dust free hygienic operation.
4th Stage: Static Roller – Static roller helps remove hairs. Cleaned chillies can be collected as a product or proceed for grinding

Chilli being heat sensitive are meticulously grounded in 3 stages

1st Stage: Cleaned chillies are cut into flakes or pizza cut size in Hammer Mill. They are separated in High efficiency cyclone. They can be taken out as end product or grounded further.
2nd Stage: Chilli flakes are grounded to coarse powder
3rd Stage: Coarse powder is further grounded to desired fine powder size in the final stage. Pneumatic conveying system is used to convey material from stage to stage which helps maintain the temperature. Alternatively, Heat exchanger can be provided for low temperature grinding for 2 nd and 3 rd stage to minimize moisture losses & prevent Ash content.

Sifting allows only desired quality product to pass through; oversize material is sent back for re-grinding.

Ribbon Blenders with load cells assure accuracy and help to obtain the perfect homogenized chilli powder blend. Optional arrangement for Oleoresin / oil spraying is provided.

Post sifting and passing through the metal detectors, spices are screw conveyed for packing.

Aspiration & Dedusting system:

Aspiration & Dedusting system ensures clean, odour free and suitable working environment

Typical Process Flow Diagram:
Automation and Control:

Automation and control have gained impetus in Spice processing. PLC SCADA system to monitor ensures round the clock monitoring of the plant. The monitoring dashboard can be enabled not only on internal control panels but even can be accessed remotely in your mobile phone. This also supports vendors with modification options.

  • Low temperature Grinding Technology (LTG) to ensure Minimum losses of Moisture and color value retention
  • Integrated PLC & SCADA systems
  • Enriched yield at optimum power consumption.
  • Stainless Steel / Carbon Steel Casted Body
  • Specially designed Mill body shape for gradual grinding ensuring minimum temperature rise
  • Pulse Jet Bag filters with Centrifugal fan for dust free operation
  • Cryogenic Grinding technology


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