Besan Grinding Plant

After grinding the protein rich, dried and decuticled bengal gram or Chana dal or chickpea a golden yellow flour is obtained called Besan or Gram Flour. Besan is a popular pulse flour that finds use in variety of food in the Indian subcontinent as well as western part of the world. It is used in various food, snacks, and sweets across the globe. In Northern parts of India, Sattu or roasted chana dal flour is a very popular food. With its multiple ways of usage, it is important to understand each requirement and carefully handle the milling process.

With years of experience RIECO is one of the best Besan Plant or Gram Flour plant manufacturer in India. We understand the agro-products, their nature like moisture content and customer requirement to design the perfect milling system for you.

We can design Besan Plant for small capacity of 100 kg/hr to large volume of upto 3000 kg/hr for 99% passing depending upon the material. Our Besan Plant with added accessories can produce wide variety of Besan flour output into coarse, medium fine and ultrafine grades like motichur, garghara, fine, superfine grades etc. We also provide Sattu plant or roasted gram dal plant.

RIECO offers high performance solutions with precision designed advanced machines complaint to global Hygiene and quality norms.

  • Minimum Moisture Loss
  • Optimised Power consumption
  • Reduced Noise level
  • Dust Free Operation/strong>
  • Machine can be easily cleaned with air.
  • Easy Door Opening arrangement

Output Capacities

Machine, Model Capacity (Kg/hr)
  • Material to be ground is conveyed from the hopper by the variable speed screw feed or rotary airlock valve into the grinding chamber.
  • The grinding occurs when product meets rotating disc along with the hammers and Multiple Deflector liner.
  • The reduced or fine particles passing through VFD adjustable air classifier wheel are carried upward by the air flow with the help of centrifugal fan.
  • Product is collected from High efficiency Pulsaire Jet Product Collector through the below rotary air lock valve.
  • Over size particles are carried downward by internal circulating air stream and returned to impact rotor for regrinding.
  • RIECO made air classifier mill is equipped with protection device for safety operation. A safety switch mounted on the cover of the grinding chamber checks if the mill door is open and if yes then all drives motor cannot run until mill door is closed.
  • Air Classifying Mill
  • Centrifugal Fan
  • Rotary Airlock valve
  • Vibro sifter


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