Air Swept Mill (ASM)

Air Swept Mill (ASM) is a screenless Pulverizer mainly used for fine pulverizing of soft & medium hard dry materials. In ASM, the material enters in the grinding chamber & is beaten up by hammer lined up on the shaft with impact action. As the mill is screenless, the classifying action is performed by the specially designed wizards. Adjusting the wizards influence the fineness of the product. Moving wizard towards the hammer gives a coarse output and moving away from the hammer gives a fine output. Material is picked up by the induced draft blower unit and gets conveyed through the pneumatic conveying system to the Dust Collector. Depending on the application and client requirement additional features can be incorporated with Air swept.

For heat sensitive products, we facilitate water cooling jacket on mill to ensure grinding at ambient temperature. Air swept mill is used to grind materials like Turmeric, limestone, various minerals, chemicals, pigment, Ayurvedic Herbs & roots etc.

  • Air swept mill is a screenless grinding machine
  • Provision of Cooling jacket on Air Swept mill for heat sensitive material
  • Achievable fineness of 150 to 400 mesh BSS depending upon the material characteristic
  • Compact design with less foot space for installation
  • Available in Mild steel and Stainless steel and all Material of construction to suit various applications
  • Dust free operation with no wastage of product & no violation of pollution norms
  • Easy operation & maintenance
  • Food & spices
  • Agro product
  • Agro chemicals
  • Fertilizers
  • Metal powder
  • Chemicals
  • Minerals
  • Dyes & pigment
  • Ceramics & minerals
  • Paints & Polymers


Agro - chemicals
Pharma - ceutical

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