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  • Discovery of Grinding or Size Reduction techniques traces back to primitive age where humans used stones for powdering charcoal and ochre to paint themselves, bruising flowers and leaves for cave paintings, decorating pottery etc. Several size reduction technologies like using Stone grinders for flour milling, pounding of ayurvedic herbs, spices, and medicines, powdering of spices & sugar for varied cuisines have been used by our ancestors for many years. These have been used to modify and improve the particle size of the solids in medicines, food, minerals, chemicals, and other desired applications.
  • With the ever-changing lifestyle & demands, Grinding as a process has seen incredible innovations. Relentless focus on improved manufacturing efficiency and product quality has led to the development of various machine configurations to match the exact specifications of grinding, classification, mixing and blending principles.
  • We at RIECO have continuously adapted the best technologies in the world to meet the evolving industry requirements and updated our comprehensive range of size reduction & classification equipment which is termed as ‘Grinding Solutions’. We have the expertise to cater any requirement ranging from an individual standalone equipment to a completely automated turnkey solution. With an experience of over 45 years across chemical, mineral, food and spices, pharmaceutical and various industries, we can contribute with an appropriate technology to meet the demands of your application.
  • We can provide solutions for material of critical nature like explosive, heat sensitive, abrasive and hygroscopic. We also have advanced technology like cryogenic grinding for spices with essential oils. We offer solutions with GMP grade systems complying with global hygiene and safety standards. Explore further!


Spices Processing Plant

We offer end to end customized Spice processing solutions right from idea conceptualization, design, planning, manufacturing, quality control to efficient Erection and commissioning of Turnkey projects.

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Sugar Grinding System

Sugar is basically a colorless, white sweet crystal material consisting of sucrose, commercially obtained from sugarcane. It is an important source of dietary carbohydrate and typically used

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Pigment Grinding Systems

Pigment is a substance that changes the color of the reflected light due to selective absorption of wavelength of light. Pigment itself doesn’t dissolve in coloring matter but makes

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Agrochemical Handling System

Agrochemical are specially engineered chemical products used in agriculture to enhance crop productivity and protect the crops from pests, insects, weeds, fungi, and others.

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Besan Grinding Plant

After grinding the protein rich, dried and decuticled bengal gram or Chana dal or chickpea a golden yellow flour is obtained called Besan or Gram Flour. Besan is a popular pulse flour that finds use in variety of food in the Indian

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Phenolic Resins Grinding

Phenol Formaldehyde Resins are prepared in special reaction vessels called kettles by reaction of phenol with formaldehyde in the presence of acidic or base catalyst at 120 °C.

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High Performance GMP Grade Mills

RIECO is a pioneer in designing Grinding machines with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) grade. We have garnered the capability to design machines to meet the highest global hygiene and safety standards

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Powder Coating Paint Application

The quality of powder coatings is influenced by many factors and the important amongst all is particle size distribution. High product quality requires a narrow particle size distribution with a pointy and well- defined top

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Chilli Processing Plant

RIECO masters in Chilli processing and understands the critical factors about chilli such as Heat Value, Color value & Moisture content. We have designed our system to keep them intact with minimum losses.

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Turmeric Processing Plant

With years of experience and installations in India and Overseas, we have earned the reputation for one of the best Turmeric grinding plant manufacturers in the Industry

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Seeds Spices Processing Plant

With years of experience and installations in India and Overseas, we have earned the reputation for one of the best Seeds spice grinding plant manufacturers in the Industry catering to spices such as

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Mix Spices Processing Plant

Mixed Spices are a blend or combination of spices including Coriander, Cumin, Pepper, Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Clove, Ginger and various seasonings.

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Rieco Air Classifying Action Mill

RACAM 30 is an air classifying mill with unique chamber-in-chamber design. This design is completely washable from inside. HMI interface with SCADA/IOT

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Pulvionex® 200

The all-new Pulvionex™ 200, is a heavy-duty stable mill that offers lesser vibration, and quick cleaning. Pulvionex™ 200 features a unique staggered rotor design with optimized number of hammers

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Crushers & Micronizers

Crushing and Micronizing Machines and plants for abrasive and hard materials in collaboration with CIMMA Ing. Morandotti & Company, Italy . We present wide range of Crushing and Micronizing machines and plants for powder processing of abrasive and medium hard materials in mining industry,

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Hammer Mill

Hammer Mill is designed for grinding by impact action, sieving, and collecting various materials. It comes with the provision for collection of the material the provision for collection of the material either at the bottom by gravity or by Pulsaire Jet Product Collector with dust free operation.

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Air Classifying Mill (ACM)

RIECO Air classifier Mill (ACM) is an air classifying mill with integrated grinding, classifying, conveying, and collecting operations for achieving ultra-fine grinding (up to 2 micron*) depending upon the nature of the product.

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Universal Mill

We manufacture universal mills for grinding different types of materials inside the same mill housing to desired fineness. This versatility is achieved by means of five different types of ROTOR + STATOR combinations for grinding a great variety of products.

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Ribbon Blenders

Ribbon blenders are principally used for homogenous blending of two or more powder material, with no or minimum possible wet essential solutions. Ribbon blenders are designed for mixing wide variety of materials with widely varying

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Micro-Pulverizer is a rugged, high efficiency grinding unit which grinds variety of products from granular to fine grinds economically. Built with an eye to precisely achieve controlled particle size,

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Crusher & Delumper

In Bulks Solids & Powder processing industry raw materials are usually big lump sizes which are difficult to process as it is. To reduce it to powder or granular particle size in the range of around 10mm, 15mm

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Chopper Mill

Chopper mill are specially designed machines for chopping/ breaking down various material into smaller size of about 10-20 mm and less. Chopper Mill is useful in reducing various agro-foods and spices like

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Gyro sifter is used in screening and check shifting of finished goods. They provide better output in sieving & granulation control. Vertical, Circular and horizontal mechanical vibrations of Gyro sifter enables effective screening.

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Air Jet Mill

Air Jet Mill is shearing action grinding and collecting operations for achieving ultra-fine grinding upto 0.4 micron to 15 microns* depending upon the nature (Physical & Chemical Property) of the product.

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Roaster, as the name specifies is used to roast the material, usually for spices and food sector. In this operation the excess moisture is removed and the taste of the blend changes for direct application to food products,

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Air Swept Mill (ASM)

Air Swept Mill (ASM) is a screenless Pulverizer mainly used for fine pulverizing of soft & medium hard dry materials. In ASM, the material enters in the grinding chamber & is beaten up by hammer lined up on the shaft with impact action.

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Micron Separator

The system consists of micron separator, cyclone (for collection of coarse particles) bag filter (collection of fine particles) centrifugal fan to generate strong centrifugal force.

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Many dry products need to be pasteurised or sterilised. Many old methods like irradiation, ozone and UV are still used to sterilise dry products. Though they do add life to the products, these methods fail to protect the taste, flavour, consistency and nutrition of the products.

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