Fertilizer Industry


  • With over 45+ Years of industrial experience our machines are custom-made to meet the requirements of the fertilizer industry for clean air, conveying and grinding solutions. Our equipment’s are approved in all Govt Consultants & Customers (Mecon, PDIL, ISRO, BARC etc.) and in many international consultancies and supplied to PETRONAS, PETROVIETNM, OMIFCO, TKIS (UHDE), AKER POWERGAS, INDORAMA and WORLEY.
  • Our advanced technology collaborations with CIMMA, KLEIN and TECAM enables us to provide optimized techno- economic solutions of client’s requirements. We supply fume extraction system for NH3 Vapors, Sulfuric Acid plant Fumes and vapors. We also have expertise in all Crushing, Milling & Screen Circuits, and material handling Circuits like RP/SSP, NPK/DAP, Limestone, & Gypsum. We at RIECO can supply MOC combinations of SS 304, SS 316 & SS 316L PP, FRP, PTFE etc. to reduce project /CAPEX cost.
  • We are an ISO 14001-2015 and 45001-2018 certified manufacturing company with over 45 years of experience. Our core strength is our ability to respond quickly and provide service 24*7

Solutions we offer

Clean Air Solutions Grinding Solutions Powder Handling Solutions
  • Gas Scrubbing
  • Lime grinding
  • Lime Conveying and dozing
  • Bag filters
  • Urea grinding
  • Gypsum Conveying
  • De Dusting systems
  • Sulphur Grinding(Cryogenic Screw closed loop system)
  • Sand conveying for granulation.
  • Cyclones and Multiclones
  • Fume Extraction systems
  • SOx/ NOx Adsorbers
  • Tail Gas scrubbing
  • RTOs for VOC Removal
  • Carbon bed Absorbers
  • NH3 reaction Fumes Scrubbing & Sulphuric acid Tail gas scrubbing
  • Cyclones for Urea Prilling tower / Granulation process De dusting.
  • Bagging Plant De dusting-wet Scrubbing
  • Process Bag filter for Rock Phosphate grinding
  • Waste Heat Recovery Boiler bag filter
  • Material Handling area and screening of Lime, Gypsum & other
  • Fertilizer Minerals de dusting
  • Drier Venting and de dusting
  • Bag Filter for SSP/SP/RP, DAP & NPK dust extraction


Urea Prilling tower De dusting system | Rieco

Urea Prilling tower De dusting system-Indorama-Nigeria

Scrubbing system for Crushing and screening system

Scrubbing system for Crushing and screening system-IFFCO-KANDLA

Fertilizer Industry | Rieco

Bagging Plant De Dusting system for DAP/NPK Material-GSFC Gujarat

Bag filter | Rieco

Pulse jet bag filter for Super Phosphate /Rock phosphate grinding system

Urea Prilling tower De dusting system | Rieco

Fume Extraction system for NH3 reaction Fumes

Urea Prilling tower De dusting system | Rieco

Rieco prestigious project at indorama Uzbekistan ASSP 1 and 2 plant

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