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  • Today, countries and public in general have become increasingly aware of the environment we live in and the air we breathe due to the threat the emissions possess. The call for governments and environmental authorities to act on this has echoed around the globe. While we are increasingly focused on riding the tides of economies, we must be mindful of the environmental aspects & consequences at which this growth is achieved.
  • RIECO’s Clean Air Solutions addresses the alarming threats these hazardous air pollutants, such as SPM (suspended particulate matter), hazardous gaseous emissions, Volatile Organic compounds (VOCs) and Odours radiates. Our aim is to assist Industries to responsibly release the industrial pollutants thereby supporting the environment to achieve sustainable growth.
  • Clean Air Solutions comprise of comprehensive range of Industrial Air emission abatement solutions to treat the exhaust gases/ hazardous dusts emanating from various Industrial processes. We have consistently updated ourselves by adopting the best technologies in the world adhering to stringent emission norms in India and Overseas.
  • With over 45 years of experience, we have garnered reputation in the industry in design, engineering, planning, manufacturing, testing and successful Erection & commissioning. We have the capability to deliver scalable solutions right from unit air pollution equipment to complete Turnkey projects and EPC Contracts in Chemical, Cement, Steel, Fertilizers, Food & Pharma, Minerals & Ores and various other industries. We help industries select the right solutions for the industrial processes.
  • We are well positioned to offer solutions complying to global health and safety norms. We have the calibre to design and deliver systems with with ATEX & CE certifications.
  • We have the ability and vast experience in Retrofitting, Revamping and upgrading the existing systems to satisfy the changing air pollution norms. Explore further!



Dust collector enhances the quality of air released from industrial and commercial processes by collecting dust and other impurities from air and the environment.

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Dust Extraction System

In today’s world, especially for the under-developed and developing countries, one major problem being faced is of particulate matter level in the air. This is called as PM level in the air and specified as Air Quality Index (AQI).

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Flue Gas De-Sulphurization System

Flue gas exhaust treatment system and its concept in the industries are dependent on prevailing regulations for the local and central pollution control board.

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Fumes Extraction System

Fumes Extraction systems (FES) are air pollution control equipment installed to capture fugitive fume gases, smoke and dust emission generated from various heat processes which are hazardous and detrimental to human health and environment.

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VOC’s and Odour Removal Systems

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) emissions are currently released into the atmosphere in a large number of production processes that use organic substances. VOC emissions are one of the biggest environment

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Gas Cleaning Plant

Gas Cleaning Plants are used for cleaning the outlet gases of Mini Blast Furnace in the steel industries. These gases are hazardous in nature and contain high calorific value, hence cannot be let out in the atmosphere.

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Retrofitting and Revamping Solutions

For many years, the air pollution emission norms were lenient, and no major emphasis or attention was given to reduce the industrial pollution.

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Bag Filter (Dust Collector)

Fabric media filtration method is the most widely used & effective technique for the collection of particulate matter from the industrial material handling operations and gas exhaust from various processes.

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Electrostatic Precipitator

Electrostatic precipitator (ESP) is a filtration device that removes fine particles, like dust and smoke, from a flowing gas by the force of an induced electrostatic charge minimally impeding the flow of gases through the unit. In contrast to wet scrubbers

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Scrubbers are an efficient type of air pollution control equipment used to remove particulate matter, fume and gases (especially acid gases) from industrial processes. Scrubbing can be done either by wet or dry mechanism which then categorise the equipments into dry and wet scrubbers.

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Forced Draught Heat Exchanger

Tubular air to air coolers is forced draught heat exchangers used for cooling hot dust laden gases hence also called as air to air heat exchangers. The hot gases are passed through a series of vertical tubes across which cooling air is blown.

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Explosion Protection Devices

Explosion in the air pollution control equipment occur due to explosive nature of the material or dust being handled. For such applications, areas/workplaces are more hazardous & hence it is imperative to provide explosion protection

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Spark Arrestor

Sparks in the fumes collected in the equipment are called as spark arrestor. The spark arrestor reduces the risk of fire or burns in the industrial dust collection system. The spark arrestor is a passive fire protection device.

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Cartridge Type Bag filters

In various applications of Bag filters in the industries height and/or footprint constraint is the most common issue and conventional type of bag filters cannot be accommodated easily.

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Multiclones are specially designed with number of clones called as small cyclones with the spinners installed in the casing. These clones with spinner assembly is used for removal of coarser particles from high temperature dust laden gas streams.

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Cyclone is a mechanical equipment used for removal of coarser particles from dust laden gas streams. In the Industrial applications, cyclones are often used as pre cleaners or pre separators before air pollution control equipment.

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Catofy Micro

RIECO’s Catofy Micro is an ideal option for improving indoor air quality wherever and whenever you need it, particularly in high density areas like office spaces, classrooms, fitness centers, retail and restaurants by refreshing the whole air around 5 times in one hour.

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In today’s world, especially for the under-developed and developing countries, one major problem being faced is of particulate matter level in the air. This is called as PM level in the air and specified as Air Quality Index (AQI).

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