De-dusting System for Induction furnace for Sponge Iron Plant

Industry: Steel

Client: One of the Leading Manufacturers of MS ERW Pipes, HR Coils, MS Billets in India

Location: Hyderabad, Telangana

Application: Dust emission in Induction Furnace

Client requirement

Customer requirement was a Fume Extraction system for 1x15T Induction furnace to enhance their capacity in the existing Sponge Iron Plant and ultimately achieve outlet dust emission of < 30 mg / Nm3 in the plant.

  • To make customer believe in RIECO’s capabilities and make it as their preferred partner as customer was taking systems from only one vendor of this industry.
  • To Design a perfect solution to achieve guaranteed emissions.

RIECO provided Fume Extraction System with spark arrestor to arrest the immediate spark coming out of the fumes. Rieco provided an efficient pulse jet online bag filter with centrifugal fan and a double – line bag house with Motorized Swivelling mechanism which would move the hood during the hot metal pouring operation.

The above system eliminated hazardous fumes completely and ensured that the workers can work in a safe environment.

System Description

The Fume Extraction System consists of the Following:

  • Offline Baghouse with 6 modules
  • Centrifugal Fan with high suction pressure
  • Fixed Hoods for Tap hole (Engineering & Fabrication Drawings by RIECO)
  • Swivelling Hoods for Ladle (Engineering & Fabrication Drawings by RIECO)
  • Spark Arrestor to eliminate any spark.
  • Rotary Airlock Valve for Dust Discharge

Design Basis:

For Double line Offline Bag House

  • Gas Flow Volume : 2,00,000 Am3/hr
  • Operating Temperature: 80 Deg C (max 120 Deg C)
  • Dust Load at Inlet : 5 g/m3
  • Static Pressure For Fan : 550 mmWC
  • Casing Design Pressure : 700 mmWC

For Pulse Jet Online Bag Filter

  • Gas Flow Volume : 22,000 Am3/hr
  • Operating Temperature: Ambient
  • Dust Load at Inlet  : <30 g/m3
  • Static Pressure For Fan : 300 mmWC
  • Casing Design Pressure : 450 mmWC

Performance Guarantee by RIECO:

  • Outlet Emission at Stack  : < 30 mg/Nm3

Pressure Drop across Baghouse: 150 mmWC Max.

Working of Fume Extraction System:

The fumes from tap hole & ladle will get sucked into the baghouse via spark arrestor to avoid any spark going into the baghouse, which could damage the filter bags.

The necessary negative pressure required for effective suction of fumes will be generated by a backward curved Induced Draft (ID) fan.

The swivelling hood at the ladle area is moved over the ladle with the help of a forward & reverse starter and when the pouring operation is completed, it is moved back to the parking position. This operation of moving the swivelling hood is very easy and convenient for the workers working in the blast furnace area.

All the Dust particles in the fumes are captured in the Baghouse with 99.9% efficiency and the outlet emission at stack is just 30 mg/Nm3, which cannot even be seen with the naked eyes.

De-dusting System for Induction furnace for Sponge Iron Plant
De-dusting System for Induction furnace for Sponge Iron Plant
  • Rather than a fixed hood which could be easily moved with the help of a push button, swivelling hood helps in easy handling of the ladle once the pouring operation is completed.
  • We installed the baghouse system which saves time and money lost due to frequent breakdown, resulting in low operating cost and very less
RIECO accomplished these challenges and delivered a system free from toxic fumes & dust particles.

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