Spark Arrestor

Sparks in the fumes collected in the equipment are called as spark arrestor. The spark arrestor reduces the risk of fire or burns in the industrial dust collection system.

The spark arrestor is a passive fire protection device. The primary purpose is to break the heat envelope around the spark by creating turbulence. This is possible due to the fixed guided vanes inside the spark arrestor which breaks the laminar flow & spark within flow converts to dust/ash which then are collected in lower hopper. Spark arrestors also acts as a pre-separator/pre-dust collector and reduces the dust load in the bag house.

Spark arrestor is recommended as part of a complete fire prevention system. Spark arrestor is a vital protection device which saves the main equipment/system from getting damaged.

For some applications spark arrestors are a must. If not provided, the spark can travel through the ductwork and ignite combustible dust or other materials or will burn the bags of Bag filter.

A Spark Arrestor plays an instrumental part & it’s working to minimize risk by cooling and thus extinguishing sparks before they reach the filter surface. The spark arrestor fits within the full dust collection system as the first line of defence.

  • Reduce dust load of bag house.
  • Arrests sparks from the fumes.
  • Minimize risks by cooling before it reaches filter surface.


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