Multiclones are specially designed with number of clones called as small cyclones with the spinners installed in the casing. These clones with spinner assembly is used for removal of coarser particles from high temperature dust laden gas streams. Multiclones work on the principle of centrifugal force, it takes advantage of difference in specific gravity to separate heavier particulate matter from lighter gas stream. Multiclones used as pre-cleaners are designed to remove more than 80% of the particles which are greater than 20 Microns in diameter. Multiclones are relatively inexpensive to construct since they have no moving parts.


Multiclones consists of a housing with multiple collecting tube assemblies, each an individual centrifugal dust collector. Heavy dust laden gas enters from the top of the collecting multiclone tubes through the inlet guide channel vanes. These vanes give spiral action to the gases in a smooth way, resulting in a highly centrifugal action with less turbulence and minimal abrasion. As the gas travels down in a cyclonic direction, the dust is then forced due to centrifugal action away from the wall of the collecting tube and forces to the bottom where it is discharged through the dust discharge device. A strong vortex gets formed at the collecting tube bottom and the cleaned gases gets the whirl action on inner side causing travelling upward to clean air chamber.

  • High dust collection efficiency
  • Low pressure Drop
  • Simple and trouble-free design
  • Multiclones are often used as pre cleaners or pre separators before air pollution control equipment such as Sinter boilers. Boilers use wide range of Multiclones for dust removal.


Agro - chemicals
Pharma - ceutical

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