Forced Draught Heat Exchanger

Tubular air to air coolers is forced draught heat exchangers used for cooling hot dust laden gases hence also called as air to air heat exchangers. The hot gases are passed through a series of vertical tubes across which cooling air is blown. Some of the coarser dust particles are collected in the cooler hopper.


Gases sucked from the source points enters in the cooler from the top inlet, then passes through a specially designed Tubular Forced Draft Cooler where they get cooled by atmospheric air being blown over the tubes with the help of an axial flow fan. The heavier particles in the gases get settled at the bottom of the cooler.

  • Easily adaptable for variable gas volumes and temperature
  • Modular construction (easy to build)
  • Automatic control of differential temperature to minimize power consumption
  • Kiln Fume Extraction Systems in sponge Iron plants
  • Primary Fume Extraction Systems for Ferro alloy furnaces
  • Clinker cooler Fume Extraction Systems and dedusting systems in Cement plants
  • Other applications where Temperature reductions are required


Agro - chemicals
Pharma - ceutical

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