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Safety, which is the most concerning area for any operations or maintenance personnel in the industrial plants. One of the many areas where safety is a must, is safety from explosions and fire. Industrial Explosions and fire are a very severe and
serious phenomenon that cannot be ignored as many lives and assets are at stake.  Explosions and fire can occur if substances that create an explosive atmosphere, sufficient of amount oxygen or another oxidizing agent and effective Ignition Source are available at a given location and time

To ensure the utmost safety of people and plant from explosions and fire, RIECO has partnered with RSBP for Explosion and Fire Protection solutions.

RSBP spol s.r.o is a Czech company engaged in providing explosion and fire protection for industrial equipment since 1992. We provide a complete range of solutions for fire and explosion protection systems: from the concept to design, delivery, and installation of equipment till putting it into complete operation.  Our design and engineering work covers all safety standards, rules, regulations, compliances, and guidelines as applicable as per the relevant design codes.

Our products and equipment are tested and meet the current legislature requirement. Risk analysis, engineering, and documentation can be provided according to the current regulation 99/92/EC-ATEX 153. Directives are according to ATEX, VDI & NFPA.

For more details, please visit our principles website https://www.rsbp.cz/en/

Explosion Protection Solutions:

1. Explosion Suppression:

HRD (high rate discharge) system is a well-tried system for explosion suppression. It detects the initial phase of the explosion and then suppresses explosions of flammable dust in industrial technologies. The equipment reaction time counts in milliseconds. Thanks to its perfect function the HRD system effectively suppresses explosion, limits explosion pressure inside equipment under its pressure resistance, and thus prevents its destruction. It eliminates technological damages, but primarily protects human health.

Explosion Suppression | Rieco

2. Explosion Venting:

As an option to spring-loaded doors, rupture disc or explosion vents are used in the industry for the protection of the equipment from high-pressure explosion waves. Rupture discs/explosion vents are designed at certain low bust pressure against the equipment designed pressure. At the time of the explosion, these vents/discs provide an easy opening at the bust pressure allowing combustion gases to escape. These are one-time used devices & replacement is required only once it breaks out.

Explosion Venting | Rieco

3. FLEX flameless explosion venting:

For the gases coming from certain application gas stream which is explosive in nature, it is recommended for the explosion protection provided before the gas i.e. isolating the system & break the explosive gas stream. This flame-front device is majorly used on the coal mill application Baghouses & also is termed as a cage vent. The device is designed in such a way that it changes the direction of the explosive gases flows to 180 o  resulting in venting out of the gases to the atmosphere by the opening of the rupture disc at the top. The special protection viz. cage is provided to avoid the fly out of the rupture disc into the atmosphere. This ensures the hot explosive gases are relieved out into the atmosphere in a safe area. This design does not elude any explosion, but it distracts the explosion & low-intensity explosion
takes place in the downstream equipment.

Venting | Rieco

4. Explosion isolation:

Explosion isolation system includes a mechanical device designed to prevent the propagation of flame and pressure between pieces of technology equipment during the explosion. It´s a system that protects technologies intended for operation in an explosion danger environment. B-FLAP I is a mechanical device designed to prevent the propagation of flame and pressure between pieces of technology equipment during an explosion. B-FLAP I is, together with other safety measures, a part of a system that protects technologies intended for operation in an explosion danger environment. The economical solution of protection against propagation of explosion between pieces of technology equipment is the B-FLAP I back flap.

Explosion isolation Solutions | Rieco

5. ELEVEX – Explosion Protection of Bucket Elevators:

ELEVEX is the effective solution of bulk material vertical transport explosion protection. ELEVEX reduces explosion pressure to an extremely low value, which means that even existing and used technologies can be safely protected in case of explosion completely without destructive effects. The list of factors that can cause an explosion in a bucket elevator or similar vertical transport system is long, and the probability that an explosion will occur during operation is high. Although the use of this system does not prevent the origination of an explosion in an elevator, the actual explosion effects can be brought to a minimum.
The most frequent initiation sources in bucket elevators are:
•        Sparks caused by deviation of traction the system from its axis
•        Sparks from the elevator drive or hot elevator surfaces caused by friction
•        Glowing particles introduced together with transported material
•        Bearing friction, etc.

bucket Rieco

6. Spring loaded self-closing doors:

Because of the combustion, high –pressure wave produced in the Bag houses results in the explosion of the equipment & causes adverse effect by the destruction of the equipment & human life in the surrounding areas. Our spring-loaded door vents out the explosion pressure wave of the gases & safeguards the equipment & also surrounding human life. Since these doors have mechanical spring, the doors after venting out the high-pressure explosion waves come back to the original position.

Fire Protection Equipment
Unlike Explosion, the phenomenon of fire could spare you some time to take necessary action, but the loss happening due to fire will be huge. There are some processes where we cannot rule out the ignition and therefore there is the possibility or probability of fire. That is why industrial processes and equipment should undergo a thorough examination and professional evaluation.

  • Food
  • Oil and gas
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Chemical
  • Cement
  • Power
  • Steel
  • Wood and paper

Fire protection Applications:

  • Paint booths
  • Machine Tools
  • Mechanical Equipment
  • Fire Protection of Electrical Switchboards, Data & Communication Centers
  • Detection Systems


Agro - chemicals
Pharma - ceutical

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