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  • Over 97% of the studies on climate change mention Earth is heating more every day by 2-6 degree Celsius and that industrial pollution is one of the leading causes.
  • In such dire situations, we need solutions that responsibly release industrial pollutants. The engineers at RIECO have come up with sustainable, feasible and totally automated solutions that help protect the environment.
  • We have especially designed micro pulverizers for grinding applications to deliver the best results.
  • We constantly upgrade our technology, to provide advanced solutions to your problems. Our strength lies in our comprehensive technologies including the designing, manufacturing, procurement, construction, operation & maintenance which leads to superior performance of energy saving, high efficiency and environmental protection.
  • Carbon black is pure elemental carbon produced by incomplete combustion under regulated conditions. There are currently over 40 grades in use in the industry, with a growing need for high quality and super fine carbon black. To obtain the desired fineness, we offer carefully designed tailor-made systems and accessories.
  • Our machines can achieve high yield and consistent particle size with a capacity of up to 6 T/Hr. Our systems are simple to use, perform consistently, are cost-effective, energy-efficient, and simple to maintain.
  • Pyrolysis, a heat catalytic degradation process that recycles tyre rubber to produce carbon black, is used to make recovered carbon black. Pyrolysis of tyres produces oil, gas, steel, and recovered carbon black (RCB) as end products.
  • This Recovered Carbon black is further processed to get the desired fineness of different grades. We offer the complete processing plant of RCB.
  • Our facility for product trials provides a turnkey solution from concept to commissioning.
  • With a prompt, efficient, and accountable team at RIECO, we have more than 1000 installations in India and globally.
  • We are an ISO 14001-2015 & 45001-2018 Certified manufacturing company.

Solutions we offer

Clean Air Solutions Grinding Solutions Powder Handling Solutions
  • Pneumatic
    Conveying System
    with ID & FD Fan
  • Hammer Mills
  • Pulse Jet Bag Filters/Bag House
  • ACM
  • Wet Scrubbers
  • Micro Pulverizer
  • ESP
  • Micron Separator
  • Rotary air lock valves

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Carbon Black Industry | Rieco

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