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 Pneumatic Handling Systems

The RIECO PHS systems were conceived for the continuous conveying of dry, granular and free flowing bulk materials such as silica sand and for dry, free flowing, abrasive and abrasion-sensitive materials or bentonite, coal dust and additives. It can also cater to low-wear transport of abrasive materials in a wide range of grain sizes.

The pressure vessel conveyor continuously feeds the material in portions from the unpressurized inlet vessel into the pressurized conveying line. A smooth and continuous conveying process is ensured by extremely short filling cycles and constant air injection into the conveying line. Typical operations involve the filling, closing conveying and the switching or exhaust stages.

descriptionThere are distinct advantages of our system in contrast to conventional conveyors, in which the conveying process is interrupted in order to decrease the conveying pressure and refill the pressure vessel.

Besides having a very compact design and higher conveying capacities, there is considerable lower extent of wearing of the conveying pipes and conveying material.

There is relatively less wastage of air and subsequent reduced strain on the filters. The cone is air flushed and the integrated electro-pneumatic timing control is clocked by one inductive switch. All this results in considerable savings during operations, reduced preventive inspections and a system that displays stability and performs flawlessly.

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