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Corporate Office

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The Corporate Office is located in the heart of the Pune city and close to the Railway and Bus stations as well as the city Airport. The Corporate office is the hub of all the main activities and houses the Sales and Marketing, Engineering, Project Execution, Technical services (including Erection), and Commercial departments. It is hustling with activities each day with several prospective Customers, visitors and vendors coming to visit us with their requirements, problems or latest developments.

Close interaction between the concerned parties ensures that our Customers’ requirements are attended to, keeping in mind optimization of available resources. There is regular exchange of know-how to between our team and Collaborators for the various streams and the RIECO technical Think-tank is always generating newer, more economical and environmentally friendlier means to address the challenges that are need of the times.

The Corporate office also houses a dedicated Customer Care Cell which Customers can approach anytime. Every grievance booked here is discussed with all seriousness amongst the senior management with an intention to not just provide immediate solutions to the Customer but also to ensure the recurrence is prevented. This is reaffirmed by our ISO Auditors from time to time, who monitor that the Customer Care cell is diligently delivering its promise. The Customer Care Cell can be reached on the email id customercare@rieco.com.

The recent formation of the Quick Response Team (QRT) comprises of a special task force that is empowered to take the required decisions and steps to guarantee instant solutions and urgent actions in situations with critical issues. The QRT will respond within 24 hours with the plan of action and implements the corrective action with top speed.

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