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Size Reduction Equipments (SRE)

Our product range for the SRE has evolved over the past 30 years and as a result RIECO’s name has become synonymous with reliability. Growing need of the Customers propelled the advancement of application engineering at RIECO. The outcome has been a continual upgrade of the equipments with respect to technology, equipment production capacity, ease of operation and usage of more and more durable components, resulting in lesser outages and loss in productivity.

Size reduction is a rate process depending on :

1. Starting feed material size
2. Properties of materials and the
3. Final size of the product

And the Mechanism of Size reduction can be carried out by

1. Cutting (by application of high velocity force)
2. Impacting (by high velocity collision force)
3. Compression (by application of crushing force)

Based on this, our SREs covers a range of products from Air Classifying Mills (ACMs), Universal Mills, Micropulverizers, Cutters and Crushers. With several advancements in application engineering and extensive and exhaustive experience we can now offer you an entire Spice grinding/ formulation plant, or an entire ACM Plant.



SREs are used in an unbelievable wide spectrum of applications ranging from Pharma, Chocolates and Confectioneries, grinding of pulses and rubber and resins, pigments, pesticides, soyabean, spices, chilly, minerals so on and so forth.

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RIECO ACM is an air classifying mill with integrated grinding classifying, conveying and collecting operations. The milling if required may be carried out in a closed loop operations with dry air or inert gas. This flexibility makes the plant suitable to handle explosive, heat sensitive or hygroscopic materials.




The material to be ground is conveyed from the hopper (1) to the grinding chamber by the variable feed screw mechanism (2) The grinding occurs when the product comes into contact with a pin or bar type rotor disc (3) As particles are reduced in size they are entrained by the Air stream which enters below the rotor and are carried up between the inner wall and shroud ring with baffles. (4) the particles are then deflected by an air dispersion ring (5) to the separator assembly (6) Acceptable product is drawn though the exhaust (7) and is collected by the high efficiency bag filter. Oversize particles are carried downward by internal circulating air stream and return to Rotor for additional Grinding.


In our Air Classifying Mills, the direct and fully effective air and material flow in the grinding and classifying zones, adjustable particle size, cool milling operation and the various options of components mean that RIECO ACM Mills can be used over a broad spectrum of size reduction can be achieved even on materials that are, heat sensitive or are inclined to caking. The mill and all drive components are mounted on a rigid welded steel frame. All rotating parts are dynamically balanced for smooth operation, and there is no need for special foundation.


Grinders have been developed with unique grinding technology that takes into consideration the various critical properties of the spices like essential oils, pungent odor, hygroscopic nature RIECO opt for multistage grinding under conditioned atmosphere. Advantages of adopting this technology benefit in preservation of the valuable inherent properties to maximum extent. Also the process had a lower energy requirement for cool grinding than conventional cryo milling process. With no room for risk oxidation, fire and dust explosion during powdering process, the entire process and operation is safe and environment friendly.


descriptionMicro Pulverizes conventional in design has it's own advantages for various applications. Design provides for admitting extra air during grinding to facilitate cool operation. Soft to medium hard materials are quickly pulverized to fine powder. Improved mixing and dispersion are added advantages of such mills. Quite popularly, it is also called High Speed close tolerance Hammer Mill.


Besides being rugged in design, this high efficiency grinding unit grinds variety of products from granular to fine grinds most economically. Uniformly fed material undergoes a complex grinding force through attrition between liner plate & hammer tip impact of high speed hammers and collision between particles, and the bottom sieve controls the particle size.



Pre-cutters or Delumpers are recommended to crush materials containing small percentage of lumps or agglomerates into uniform coarser material. Generally for lighter duties like mounting in-line with secondary grinding mill or de-agglomeration applications. A single cam shaft with bottom screen crushes the material efficiently.


descriptionDry spices containing 9% moisture are pre-cut at a very low RPM of mill for preparing the size suitable for fine grinder. During this operation there is no heat generation. Here the coarse powder of chili-cuts can be used for pizza topping with proper grading operation (seeds are not damaged). The Particle size obtained during this operation is 8 mm and less.








Sugar Grinding


Material Blender

Empty Blender




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